Other things that Finland taught me

I am now happily at home in South Africa and have been doing a lot of reflecting on my time in Finland. Of course I learnt a lot in my courses but I was thinking of some of the other things I learnt during my time away. Here they are, for better or worse, in no particular order:

– You live a bit differently when you need to clean your own home.

– If you are cold (even at -25’C) it’s not the weather’s fault, it’s your fault for not dressing properly.

– You can survive on only one fruit a day.

– Don’t say hello to/look at/acknowledge strangers.

– Avoid drunk Finnish men at all costs, otherwise you are going to be caught in a very weird and long and slow conversation.

– Whoever gets to the door first goes through the door. Being a woman holds no sway in door politics.

– Eating dinner at 16:30 and then an evening snack before you go to bed is a great eating plan.

– Rain is not an excuse…ever

– Neither is darkness

– How to hibernate

– How to live cheaply: eating pea soup and eggs

– That when rye bread and salmon are cheap and education is tuition free, normal looks very different

– Bicycles are fantastic

– Knitting is cathartic

– Grannies (especially granny-bikers and granny-cross-country-skiers) are not to be underestimated.

– Cheap, fast, unlimited internet is great.

– Months of grey and cold and rain and dark is depressing, even if you are not prone to depression.

– How to appreciate friends and family, near and far.

– It’s ok to be bored. Not everything is awesome, amazing or fascinating.

– Life doesn’t have to be a crazy rush (I think this is my favorite one)

And here’s a little song that always made me laugh (it’s not Finnish, but the guy is Scandinavian)

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4 thoughts on “Other things that Finland taught me

  1. Anonymous says:

    I will see what Finland teaches me…and may be I can learn from others’ experiences

  2. shafat says:

    Hello I just read few of your posts and found them extremely interesting and informative about the life at Oulu . I am also admitted at Oulu Business school . so your blog was really interesting I enjoyed it alot. I would like to know what course you studied ?

  3. Amber says:

    hey sup ..
    i read what you wrote really appreciated and this is the main reason i am trying quit not to come … because and i heard skin desease are ready to affect you in there atmosphere.. i want to eat alot and cannot survive with a single fruite …. 😛

    • Bee says:

      Dear Amber, I have not heard of any skin diseases but the air does get very dry which makes your skin dry, but that is not a disease 🙂 I think I need to clarify that point about the one fruit a day (I see now that it is ambiguous). Where I come from I eat many fruit and fresh vegetables a day. In Oulu I had to cut down to one. I was still eat lots of other food, just not as many fresh fruit. That’s what I was trying to say 🙂

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