Midnight in Oulu

Midnight in Oulu in late spring and summer is an eerie experience for those who are not used to it. Six months ago there was only 3 hours of daylight (which, I found out is very different to hours of sunlight) and now there are not even 3 hours of darkness. The sun sort of sets and then it’s twilight for a few hours and then the sun rises again and fully shining again by 2am. And its amazing the difference that all this sunshine makes… I needed to sleep less and felt full of energy. About a month ago, due to some bad planning involving a broken bicycle and the Oulu late night bus schedule, I had to walk 5km home from the city centre alone at midnight. In South Africa, this would be unthinkable, but in Oulu it is quite do-able (but not 100% advisable). It was still a month before the summer solstice but light at midnight was, well, forgive my repetitiveness, eerie.

So,  I took some photos with my trusty old blackberry and thought I would share them here…

And here’s a picture of what midnight looks like now in Oulu…

Midnight Sun post in 365 drops of happiness blog

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One thought on “Midnight in Oulu

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