Ice skating in Oulu

I can’t believe that I have not posted about this… but, one of my greatest joys in Oulu was strapping on my slightly too small skates and going for an awkward glide around the rink. I’m rubbish at skating but I loved it anyways. I love being outdoors, so skating in Oulu is a great way to be outdoors and keeping warmish. The outdoor skating season depends heavily on the weather (of course) but I would say you are pretty certain of being able to skate outdoors from sometime in December through to March in Oulu.

Every winter, many sports field in Oulu become an ice rink. So, practically that works out to many ice rinks of differing sizes dotted all over Oulu. My favorite one is the one near Alpilla… the ice is always in great condition, the rink is the big and it’s never been crowded when I have been there.

And, if you get tired of skating around and around, you can play potato ice hockey. To do that, all you need is a friend, a pair of ice hockey sticks (which I found in the recycling area near my home) and thickly sliced potato, left outside to freeze over night. Ta-da… potato ice hockey 🙂

potato ice hockey

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One thought on “Ice skating in Oulu

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