How to make munkki (Finnish Donuts)

Munkki are Finnish donuts that are made and eaten around May Day (1 May).  They are deep fried donuts with cardamon spice which make them especially Finnish (Finns also make pulla which have cardamon in too).

I recently had the chance to make some with my ever generous, friendly, inclusive and inviting kummi family. I took some photos of the process but was so busy cooking, I forgot to take a picture of them being fried. But, I think you will get the idea…

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Here is the recipe in Finnish (in Finland they have a special oil that is like lard for cooking this – it looks like butter to the untrained eye – other recipes use vegetable oil).

and here is one in English. (note to the reader, I have not actually used either of these recipes but from what I read, they seem legit)

Wash down with a glass of sima while sitting the spring sunshine in your student overalls.

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