“Une petite pause”

I’m writing to you today from somewhere in a tiny village in a lost part of the Pyrenees in France. Before you get the wrong idea and think I am living some sort of Disney-princess-Belle-from-Beauty-and-the-Beast-esque enchanted castle life, let me correct you.


I am staying in a small two roomed (note, two roomed, not two bedroomed) home that was converted from a bean shed a year or two ago. Birds nest in the roof while I “nest” on an inflatable bed in a corner of the kitchen. So, if we are still talking about appropriate imaginings to do with Disney princesses, then, it’s more Cinderella before Prince Charming, than Belle before the rose drops its last petal.

That said, there is something charming about hand washing one’s clothes to the light chiming of the neighboring field of cow bells.

I’m hoping that this time away will be calming for my academic-a-sied mind. In French, when you need to relax for a little moment in a busy day, you say you are taking “une petite pause” (a little break). It can be a “pause cafe” (a coffee break) or something a bit more substantial like what I am doing now… A little break away from the crazy of normal life. I hoping that this petite pause will give me time to read non academic reads, time to draw, sleep, blog and reflect on the last 18 months of my life before I launch into whatever lies before me. But if all I actually do is sleep, go talk to the cows and eat lots of French food, will be a great petite pause too.


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