Finnish Easter: other stuff

So far, I have only written about Finnish Easter food traditions here, here and here, which probably is more a reflection of my own personal obsession with food, rather than the place that food plays in Finnish Easter traditions. So I thought I would share today about some things not so food related (as I am finding out, there is life after food).

One of my Finnish informants told me,

“when we were kids we put a hat next to our bed and the Easter cock laid chocolate eggs on it every night 🙂 We eat lamb and mämmi nearly every Easter and drink red wine of course….and yes, we use to dress up like witches and went house to house earning lots of coins and chocolate eggs. We use to empty the “normal” eggs (little hole on both sides with a needle, blow the inside egg out) and painted them bright colours…we also put out lots of decorations: colourful eggs, chicken, rabbits, tipu (chickens’ babies).”

Other than painting eggs, all the other stuff is new to me. Especially this almost Halloween type of activity in which children dress up as witches and carry around a basket of twigs decorated with colourful feathers. They knock on your door and offer you a twig and you can “buy” it and a blessing (sometimes) with chocolate or coins. I saw some kids doing this and sign languaged to them (because I can’t speak Finnish yet)  that I wanted to take a photo of them. They were completely freaked out by me (understandable) but, I got the photo of their be-feathered twigs anyways.

other finnish easter traditions (2)

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