Finnish Easter: Mämmi

A while ago I wrote about Finland’s love of rye products. Well, here rye comes again…Mämmi is a very dark rye pudding that is traditionally eaten during Lent (the 40 days before Easter) and Easter in Finland.

To the first time taster (me), it may look like a very deep dark delicious chocolate pudding. Its resemblance to a very deep dark delicious chocolate pudding, however, stops right there. It tastes… well, I can’t explain it but if you have a look at the ingredients, you may get an idea. It’s a little bit tart and just unexpected. The texture is like a grainy thick pudding and if you put it on a plate its not going to run anywhere.

Mammi (1)

Personally I think the thing that saves the day for mämmi is the topping. Mämmi is served with milk, cream or vanilla sauce and sugar to taste. I ate it with vanilla sauce and a teaspoon of sugar and thought… Wow, what an improvement. The sweet creamy vanilla sauce compliments the mämmi’s taste and texture. Visually, the light cream and the dark mämmi also make a striking combination.

Mammi (2)

Doing some further research on mämmi:

– I see that it is described by some as a sweet pudding. Ok. That’s fine. But I would not describe it as sweet on its own… with the cream and sugar. Yes. Without the topping? Most definitely not.

– There is a Finnish Mämmi Association.

– It has laxative properties… so just watch out. Maybe don’t eat too much.

Mammi (3)

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