I remember when… (S01E02)

Following on from last time’s episode of  “I Remember When..” when we read about the memory of a Russian classmate’s memory of the end of the USSR, we now move to the other side of the world: The Americas. Today we will be reading a memory of two classmates, one from Brazil and one from Mexico.

We’ll start with my Mexican classmate

“I just remember the economic crisis of ’94 and the explosions of April 22, 1992 (I had just turned 6 few days before). The explosions were a big thing nationally but mainly locally cos they caused big damages to my city. Images of the explosion were always on the news and people was always talking about the topic. However I never realized what that meant. I would see the houses in ruins and I used to think that was logical cos there has been an explosion but I never thought how sad it would have been to suddenly lose everything…your house… your family. I remember my dad went with people from church to help. They collected food, medicines and clothes and gave them to the people that had lost everything. I understood why people were trying to help, there was a lot of people in need, but what surprised me the most was that my dad was involved in activities from church as my dad is not religious at all.”

Some links about the explosions:

And now, from my Brazilian classmate:

“Towards the end of 1992, a few months after I had returned from an exchange program in the US, the first president of Brazil to be elected directly by the people after almost 30 years of dictatorship, was impeached due to charges of corruption.  As a child, I remember growing up in a place where people could not express their ideas freely, a time when people would simply disappear – they could have been deported, imprisoned or even tortured by the military – and when there was a fake/disguised economic progress.”

Notes from Bee: I put these two memories together for geographical reasons but there is also something that stands out for me from these stories: Children can be aware of the society in which they live and move. Perhaps more so than adults give them credit for or are aware of. 


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