That tree just snow pooped on me!

It happens every so often when Oulu warms up and the mercury in the window thermometers hovers around 0’C that I get snow pooped on by a tree. While there is probably a real word for it (I just made up “snow pooped”), I think the term “snow pooped” conjures up just the right image.

When you get snow pooped, it feels like a big bird (maybe a pterodactyl?) plopped a big one on you. But with further inspection you find out it’s just snow. Basically, a big pat of snow has just landed on your head. I have heard that in northern North America this can be a real problem as people can die from being caught in an almighty snow poop. Oulu, however, is not that dramatic and I have never feared for my life when a tree snow pooped on me.

With that (charming) thought in mind, I thought I would share some pictures of snowy trees. If you have ever read or watched the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe… have a look out for a street light in a snowy forest and you will see why we sometimes call this place Narnia.


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One thought on “That tree just snow pooped on me!

  1. Bee says:

    Post Script: A Finnish friend just told me that people do die from snow poops in FInland. AH!

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