OKONOMIYAKI (Japanese Pancake Recipe)

the finished product

the finished product

One of my favourite things about living and studying in Oulu is that my department is full of people from all over the world. Some of the Japanese students recently hosted an Okonomiyaki lunch. Okonomiyaki is a cabbage pancake that you can add extra ingredients to. The great thing about this dish is that a) its tasty b) cabbage is by far the cheapest vegetable in Finland, so it’s economical too! We all fried our own okonomiyaki and there was also homemade sushi on the table. As a fun activity they also put out some origami paper with folding instructions.


So, here’s the recipe from the champions who introduced it to us.

OKONOMIYAKI (Japanese Pancake recipe)

For five people


· 100g flour

· 200ml water

· 2 eggs

・ 1/4 Cabbage

・ fish broth 5ml

・ slices of bacon ( as much as you like)

*Add shrimp, cheese, whatever… into the pancake mix.

Then, for toppings, mayonnaise, green onion and dried fish according to your taste.


1. Chop cabbage into fine pieces

2. Add eggs and water into flour and mix well.

3. Add cabbage (and other ingredient if you want)

And mix well.

4. Heat a frying pan well and pour a little oil in it.

5. Put one ladle of OKONOMIYAKI dough into the frying pan and make a round shape with spatula. Put slices of bacon over the dough. Cook both sides!: Cook one side and flip it over, then cook the other side of it until no liquid comes out when you push the dough a little with spatula.

A little side note from Bee: “Flipping the pancake successfully takes practise. If you are flipping the pancake for the first time ever, it may come apart when you flip it. No worries. Just push it all back together again and the egg will act like a glue and rejoin the pancakes. 

6. Enjoy!


Origami table


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