The woes/woahs/whoes of being a lazy speeler

I am a lazy speller.

Well, that’s what the teachers told me anyways.

I used ot be in denial about it and say whel, maybe I am just a bad typer. I have however recently come to the the unfortunate conclusion not only am I a lazy speller but I am also a bad typer. Ans so I thought I would be open and honest abou this, um, fraility and you could see what my real blogs look like before spell check has a go at them.

To be honest I have known about it all my life (well, all my academic life). I went to remedial lessons to help me learn methods  to learn spleeing in junior school. My teachers always told me, just read me more. (I was reading a bout a bazzilion books a day.) The problem was not and is not my reading. Or maybe it is. Maybe it is how I read, rather than who much I read. Maybe I read the beginning and the end of the word and the middle remains a mystery. And it wasn’t a memory problem either. When Iwas little may favouraite games were memory games and imaginative games.

I get the hard words right… like psychology, know and gnat (I think). Also, I have noticed that my speeling always gets so much worse when I live in a foreign country.  And I am irritatingly anal about punctuation (especially apostrophes). So, it’s not that I’m not a details person. It must be something else.

You could ask, “So what? Everyone has spell checkers these days, you are not typing your blogs of essays or Master’s thesis on carbon paper for goodness sake.”

 This is true.

But I think spelling and what it meant in my education is significant. 

  1. Languages: I have never felt like I was “good” at languages. I never got high marks at school for languages (marks which were based on a lot of spelling tests). That said, I have learnt seven languages so far (wait,wait,wait, I can’t actually speak seven languages… I just learnt some languages over time and over time I lovst the ability to speak them too). I’ve actually found that the best way for me to to learnt  a language is to learn by speaking it rather than learning lists of vocabulary and the spelling of the words.
  2. Writing. Ok, I an no great author, but I like writing my thoughts out. But when the what you srite is so constrained by how you write, it can be a very frustrating exercise.
  3. Acroos the board problems: if you struggle with spelling, you are probably going to struggle across the board and not just in language spelling test  but in comprehensions, essays, projects and whatever else you are producing for the teacher/school/university because you will be marked down for sloppy work. 
  4. Being a primary school teacher: I am a qualified (unempolyed) primary school teacher… and if this is where my problems started, with spelling-wiz teachers, and I need to be become one of them, well, you can see that that will last about 5 minutes before I have the kids googleing words on their forbidden cell phones to help me write something on the board. (Actually, that’s not a bad solution come to think of it…)
  5. Writing a Master’s in Education: Ok, so, I will be getting (hopefully) a Master’s in Education but I can’t really spell. Do you have to master spelling to be a Master of Education? Does bad spelling show a basic lack of academics and academic skill? AH. Frek out!

I’m not calling for a revelution against spelling or against teachers that love spelling quizzes. To be able to spell is probably important for all sorts of things. So, what’s the point of all this? Well, spelling and writing and intelligence have often been linked. I mean, I am a qualified junior chool teacher doing a Master’s in Education who writes a semi-regular blog int eh great and gloriuos education temple that is Finland and I still can’t sprell or type.


Sounds bad, hey?

My hope is that you will know that you don’t have to have all your ducks in a row before you start out doing what you love/enjoy. I still will blog in spite of my spelling weaknesses and hope to get my Master’s and will maybe still one day be a junior school teacher.


(PS If you are reading this, I sure it was hard word this time, so thank you for pactince. I promise to use a spell check next blog)



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