things I have learnt this year in academia

If finishing an essay is like giving birth to a child, then the finishing the bibliography is like the afterbirth.

Just because everyone agrees with you, does not make you right. Just because few agee with you, does not make you wrong.There seems to be an equation for everything, except for the things that really matter.

A good lecture cannot be measured by how many notes you took during class.

Sometimes it is very very very uncomfortable to learn, think and challenge yourself or others, that should not stop you from learning, thinking or challenging.

Academics also like to have fun and some can throw some very awesome parties.

A little bit of exercise everyday keeps your head attached to your body (Ken Robinson) and does a world of good to a hard working or stuffy brain.

Just because someone wrote it and its printed doesn’t mean they weren’t barking up the wrong theory

Planning helps. spontaneity gives life.

New solutions to old problems may solve the old problems but will probably cause new problems (Vanessa Andreotti).

touch. pause. engage.

Good thoughts take time. Give yourself the time and space to think and wonder and ponder.

Know where you stand because it affects how you see.

hard at work

hard at work


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