Why I want to be a Finnish Granny when I grow up

I think Finnish grannies are pretty flipping fantastic:

They ride bikes  (rain or snow does not stop them, but ice does slow them down)

They bake mouth-watering pulla

They can knit: socks, scarves, hats, mittens, jerseys… I’m sure the list go on

They pick berries in forests

They make juice, jams, cakes with the berries they picked in the forest

They do not scream their lungs out when they go ice hole swimming

They ice skate and cross country ski with elegance and grace

They know 50 ways to cook a salmon

They sauna

They have twinklely eyes

an awesome Finnish granny making pulla

These ladies, the older ones, lived through the three wars that happened in Finland during the Second World War and were part of the only generation that paid back their war reparations on time. Their husbands and men folk built their homes by their own  hands. Their children (now, the younger Finnish grannies) grew up hearing these tales of national suffering, pride and honour. These are some hardcore grannies.

In thinking of what I think makes Finnish grannies so cool, I thought, “Wow, I would really love to be able to do all those things”. Realistically, it took them a  lifetime and I am hoping not to spend that long in Finland, but we can but try hey?

Step one to Finnish Granny Awesomeness: Buy wool and 5 double sided knitting needles


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