First snow

It started snowing last night and like most important life events these days I found out through Facebook. Yes. Facebook. Wait, let me explain…It was late and my curtains were closed and I wasn’t looking outside. When I saw my Finnish friends’ statuses were saying things like “lumi” and “Narnia” and I knew… IT’S ARRIVED!!! THE SNOW IS HERE!!!! It took all of one split second for me to open my curtains and behold the glory that is falling snow. I went outside onto my balcony in my pajamas and barefooted to take some photos. Very quickly I realised how silly this was and returned to my warm lounge to celebrate the first snow with a hot chocolate and open curtains watching the snowflakes falling. I was too excited to sleep so stayed up for a while just watching the world around me transform.

footprint in the snow

This morning I woke up and planned to be mature and do some household chores before going outside to enjoy the snow. But, childlike excitement won the day and I rushed outside to go and enjoy the first snow.

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One thought on “First snow

  1. Jonathan Hiles says:

    Happy times!

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