Bikestyle Lifestyle: Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are great for biking in Oulu in Autumn, Winter and Spring (o, probably Summer too) for a few reasons:

They sit close to your skin so you don’t get cold drafts up your legs… nice.

They can easily fit into snow/Wellington/leather boots.

They don’t det caught in your bike (especially by the ankles like other jeans – serious death trap that).

They can easily be worn under snow pants.

They are generally quite stretchy and that makes them “bicycle pedalling motion” friendly.


Skinny jeans also have some disadvantages:

it is common to get a muffin top when wearing skinny jeans due to, um,  the war between the skinny jean cut and well, let’s call them “the lurve handles”. As the lurve handles are the softies, they lose the battle every time and therefore have to be on the outside of the jeans unless you can kinda wriggle your skinny jeans up and over again and again. But this often does not last for long. So this muffin top business is not very flattering under any circumstances but on a bike, it becomes a way to slowly cut off the blood supply to your toes and generally be in a lot of discomfort as what used to be the innocent top of your jeans somehow morphs into a murderous cutting washing line (cue music from the shower scene in Psycho) across your tummy. Sad days.

Your only solutions are to a) not care b) lose the lurve handles c) lose the skinny jeans d) wait for your skinny jeans to eventually stretch out. I’m hoping for d.

The second problem is what my mom calls “the sitting test”. She does this with any pair of trousers or skirts she buys. Basically the test is this: what happens to the trousers or skirt when you sit down? Hmmmm. That’s a whole lot of wisdom right there. But I hardly do that test for fear of a great pair of walking jeans showing itself to be a terrible pair of sitting jeans and then I can’t buy them in good conscience…. besides, I say to myself… how often will I really be sitting? Ah. the sweet smell of denial. Anyways, getting back to biking and skinny jeans: When you are on a bike, you are sitting. If your skinny jeans ride low when you are riding you may show more that you plan to. More problematic than this is that it may be very dangerous for your health as draughts that cool the core of you body could get in that way and well, no one to catch a cold like that or frost bite either.

Your options here are to a) not wear the skinny jeans to cycle in b) wear long tshirts c) make sure your jacket is long enough to cover the exposed area d) live loud and proud and risk catching a cold. I go with c.


5 thoughts on “Bikestyle Lifestyle: Skinny jeans

  1. julie says:

    Classic Bron!

  2. Jen says:

    High waisted skinnies are the ultimate solution – no muffin top, no butt crack. My major problem with cycling in skinny jeans however is removing them after getting caught in on of the frequent rain showers; rather unsexy undressing assistance is required.

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