Colours of Oulu: Pink

After a particularly hectic past 24 hours, I suppose it should not have come as any surprise to me that this morning would be counted as enough of an epic fail to give me cause to return to bed by 9:30am having only been out of bed for an hour and a half.  I won’t go into all the details but I will say that the low point was when I burst into tears in front of a complete stranger because I was lost. Do you ever have those days. I hear they are called “Duvet Days”… when you just need to stay under your duvet all day. I’m still not sure if that means that you can go about in public doing your normal every day stuff just with your duvet wrapped around you or if you actually have to stay in bed in your flannel pjs under your duvet, eating chocolate and popcorn and watching movies. Personally, I prefer option 2 anyways. Normal life be done with.

The weather in Oulu has also been very grey and miserable and wet and not fun to be in. When I got home today I watched some very funny youtube videos sent to me by my beloved-who-lives-half-a-world-away. A shared laugh is almost as good as a hug. Almost. He also sent me the first episode of Bear Grylls “pretend-joining” the French Foreign Legion. So, with a little bit of laughter and a renewed sense of being stronger than I know (thanks French Foreign Legion) I decided to a) post something to show that not everything is always peachy happiness here and b) to find some brightness in this 55 0000 shades of grey kind of miserable day. The answer: PINK!

pink, pink, pink… all over the place!


3 thoughts on “Colours of Oulu: Pink

  1. Hugo Vaughan says:

    Hang in there. Do you remember my story about joining the French Foreign Legion? I was lucky as the form I filled in was only to borrow the bedding and not stay for the rest of my life #redoutsaintdennis

  2. Jonathan Hiles says:

    That is quite crazy and interesting Hugo! I would love to hear it some time 🙂

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