Bikestyle lifestyle: Parking

Parking your bike in Oulu is very easy and requires none of the hours of practice that parking a car takes (well, took me any ways). Liewe Heksie, my bike, is a girl bike which means that the central bar is lower and makes for a very ladylike dismount… just put one leg over, slow down and gently hop off the bike and park it. Wonderful. If there are no parking places… That’s fine… Just put it anywhere (almost) and put your lock your bike.


Oulu bike parking

My favourite part about parking a bike is how to deal with others who have badly parked their bikes. If you arrive at a parking place when you are in a car and there’s  badly parked car you just sigh or scream profanities at the badly parked car (with no driver in) and move on. With bikes, it’s not the same… If someone has parked badly, you can just move the bike (within reason) so that it’s no longer badly parked and voila, problem and heart rate issues solved. Yay for parking bikes!

But I have heard that other countries the bike parking situation is a whole other story.

The Netherlands for example…

And in Japan… always so much more civilised

in Brazil (actually a very interesting business model)

in Germany:


One thought on “Bikestyle lifestyle: Parking

  1. You know. All this looks quite civilised… I remember days of going to a party, and when you get back to your bike, a whole row of bicycles have fallen over, obviously, yours being the one right at the bottom…
    I love cycling in Africa, cause I’m one of the only ones 🙂 and riding on Tuesday, a schoolboy in a taxi shouted at me: “I loooove your bicycle” 🙂

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