Bikestyle lifestyle: Mascara

You should really only wear waterproof mascara (if you wear mascara) in Finland when you are cycling. I know this because I do not have waterproof mascara.

my non-waterproof mascara

And while this is good look for some…

Lead singer of South African band “The Parlotones”

it is not a good look for many and definitely not a good look for me. So here’s my tried and tested reasons why non-waterproof mascara is not what you want when biking in Finland:

1. It rains often and non-waterproof mascara cannot handle that.

2. It snows often and when snow that has attached itself to the mascara on your eyelashes melts, it turns into water and  non-waterproof mascara cannot handle that.

3. Sometimes it is necessary to ugly cry while riding your bike. Everyone knows that ugly crying is not a pretty thing to do. While there is a sense of satisfaction in seeing mascara drip onto your lap, on a bicycle this is not helpful for seeing where you are going. So, go ahead and ugly cry but make sure the mascara is waterproof so that you don’t cause damage to yourself or others mid-bawl.

4. When a bug flies in your eye, your eye waters and non-waterproof mascara cannot handle that.

So, what to do, if you (like me) only have non-waterproof mascara? Well, I only put my mascara on when I get to my dry destination if it looks like rain for my ride.



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