Bikestyle lifestyle: Intro

I feel so earth friendly when I ride around on my bicycle. In Cape Town I would take my car, even to the shops down the road but in Oulu I (happily) don’t even have that as an option. I pop on my bike or stroll on over to wherever I need to be. Ah. Lovely. Until it rains. Or I have to cycle over ice. Or my chain pops off (again) and I have to fix it (again). Grumph.

Such are the highs and lows of the bikestyle lifestyle. So, from now on, every Tuesday (or there abouts) I’ll write something about my new bikestyle lifestyle because it’s turning out to be a pretty central part of my story in Finland. I think mostly these posts will taken from those “learning the hard way” moments everything from which mascara to wear when biking to why to how to get too much shopping home to how to fix a chain in 10 seconds without getting too much grease on your hands.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

An all weather form of transport


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