Introducing Liewe Heksi… my dear old bike

I’m not one for naming inanimate objects. Seriously, I think it’s, no offence to those who do name inanimate objects, a little crazy. But while I was gently wheeling my bike out the other day, the name “Liewe Heksi” just sprung out of my heart and I knew in that moment, my bike has a name.

Liewe Heksi is a TV program I grew up watching. It’s strange that I watched it for a few reasons: It was in Afrikaans (a language I did not understand); Liewe Heksi’s monotone voice makes her sound like she is struggling with a serious case of depression and not really for kids if you think about it; the story lines are not really what today’s kids get for entertainment. But whatever situations and difficulties Liewe Heksi has to face, she manages to overcome them and maintain her lullaby-for-a-suicide voice.

So what’s that got to do with my bike… well, the bike is old and creaks and wobbles when you ride it, only one break works and there are parts that held together with tape BUT the seat is comfy, the handlebar position is slightly vintage, it has lived through some tough times and gives me the freedom to go wherever my no-like-Lance-Armstong legs can take me. So, just like Liewe Heksi it overcomes the challenges while not changing, growing or maturing one bit.

so, Liewe Heksi it is.

My own Liewe Heksi


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