Getting ready for the rain

Since I arrived in Oulu a few days ago, it has rained every day with some bright sunny hours in the afternoon. But Finnish people don’t let the weather or too little sunlight (winter) or too much sunlight (summer)  get in the way of anything. If they need to go somewhere by bike they still go…by bike. If they need to walk their dog, their dog gets a rain jacket (really) and if the kids needs to play outside, they still play outside. In Cape Town the attitude is quite different. Rain is a completely reasonable excuse to do nothing and go nowhere (even by car).

Finnish people’s motto seems to be “adapt or fly” and seems like I’m not going anywhere for the next little while, I’m going to have to take the former option: adapt.

With this in mind I went shopping for rain pants today because cycling in the rain without them is cold+wet+miserable+uncomfortable = sies. So off I went to my local shop called Helpi Halli (or something like that) which is a general grocery store and place for “cheaper” clothes. The pair of rain pants I finally chose (actually they were the only ones in the shop) were something I would imagine someone from the LMFAO dance crew wearing if they were cycling on a rainy day. They are a grey, white and black snake skin pattern – a definite first for me, but I think I’m already loving them.

Rain pants

As you can see, I already have my trusty K-Way all weather rain jacket (does any South African go overseas without stuff from K-Way?!?!)

Now all I need is some Nokia boots ( and I’ll be A for away on my A for bicycle.


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