And… we’re back

Well, its been an eventful summer holiday.

I travelled through Europe for a month, staying with kind and generous friends who I met in Oulu. I started a new blog ( My best guy friend in the whole world became my boyfriend. I decided to come back to Oulu to finish my studies.  I got to spend time with friends and family in Cape Town who I really really missed when I was in Oulu. And now, I’m back, back in Oulu.

It’s Autumn and all the leaves are turning (not quite falling yet) into their autumn colours. It rains a little every day. The sky is a pastel blue.

I found a flat through a friend of friend at my church here in Oulu.  There was a mad dash for housing this year and I was very lucky to have found a flat… and such a pretty one too. It’s perfect for one person and nicely (i.e. Ikea) furnished. I have managed to stay away from Ikea shops because I know, if I go, I will buy things I cannot take home with me, which will just be depressing. More about the flat in another post another day.

It was heart-breakingly hard to leave Cape Town and a few times a day I would ask myself, “Why are you doing this, there’s no pressure to go back, just stay.” But then another thought came… “It’s only for 9 months and would you look back on your life one day and regret that you had not taken this chance when you could?” And I answered myself, “Yes, I would regret not taking this amazing opportunity.” I chatted to my nearests and dearests and they supported me going. And at the end of the day I had that deep peace about coming to Oulu that is so often my referee in making decisions. So, here I am… on the other side of the world again.

And, as much as my heart bleeds for the people I left in Cape Town… Oulu is nice. It’s quiet and pretty and natural (except for that stinky massive paper factory… whose idea was that?!?!). I’m looking forward to riding my bike (who have named “Liewe Heksi”…more about that in another post).

Last time, friends who were reading my blog and facebook statuses asked me often if I was actually doing any university work over here. Yes. I was. I just didn’t have a heavy course load. This semester, my course load has doubled and my intentions solidified. So there will be less popping off to wherever for whatever fun opportunity. That said, I’m sure adventure will still find me and I hope to write something of interest here.

Here are some photos I took on my late afternoon walk today.

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