Play parks in Finland

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In Finland you get 11 months paid maternity leave. You get free bus rides if you have a pram (I’m not sure if you must have a baby in it or not). It is illegal to pay for school fees (even for private schools). Lots of stuff is free or much cheaper for kids. The other day I saw two 5 year old girls all dressed in pink cycling together somewhere chatting away with no adult anywhere near them and my heart broke a little because I thought, that would never be safe in South Africa. Sorry, back to Finland… And there are beautiful new fun play parks everywhere.

The other day Marta (my Italian friend) and I went to play in the play parks. So if you are a play park designer or you are thinking of getting your kid a present or you want to spoil that special little somebody in your life, take a look at these designs and see what you can do.

The 3 D seesaw is my favourite… it’s a seesaw and a witch’s hat mixed together… so you go up and down while circling the pole. It’s all fun and games until you start to feel a bit sick. But still, it’s great!


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