The Truth Behind Angry Birds According to Bee

“Angry Birds” is probably the 2nd most famous Finnish invention, after Nokia cell phones. This computer/iphone/ipad/ipod/facebook/everywhere game has many people hooked. In 2010 it was already so massive that the New York Times wrote about it.

Its just a game but as with many things, some people have just taken it too far:

 The story behind Angry Birds is that the birds are angry because pigs stole their eggs. I have another theory and as the game is a Finnish game and I am in Finland right now, I think it’s a pretty feasible one. I am living in the land of twilight. It never really gets dark and by 2:30am its predawn. What happens predawn? Birds wake up and sing. It’s a bit weird hearing birds tweeting away at 02:30. Shame. They don’t know that it’s still so early. And that’s why I think they are angry… a simple lack of sleep.

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