If you ever find yourself in Munich in the Spring time

…make sure you do some of these less touristy things.

I spent Easter this year in Munich and quite fell in love with the city. There are many things you should probably do in Munich and any Google search will tell you the city’s touristy highlights. Do them. They are interesting and beautiful. But I would say there are a few more things you should add to your list…

  1. Get a bicycle. The city is wonderfully bicycle friendly and cycling through the cobbled streets with your bell gently tinging under blossoming trees is a must.
  2. Drive on a no speed limit freeway (preferably on a motorbike).
  3. Enjoy the flowers blooming all over the place.
  4. Pick some fresh bärlauch (Ramsons in English) from the Englischer Garten or wherever you find it at this time of year. It is a leafy green plant. You pick the leafy green parts which have a great oniony, garlicy taste. You chop it up, add to salad OR (and this was my favourite) cooked pasta with some sliced goat’s milk cheese. Yum. Yum. Yum.
  5. Eat a massive bretzel from the Andechs Monastery with their obatzda and a small one from a local corner bakery.
  6. Try a beer, even if you’ve never liked the flavor of beer, you never know… you might find you were where never tasting nice beer.
  7. Tie a scarf around your head and let the wind blow it out behind you as you cycle past the Isar River.
  8. Lay on the side of the Isar River with the locals lapping up the early rays of sunshine.
  9. Get lost a few times. Its ok.
  10. Go to the other side of the Isar. There are beautiful old little houses squished between more modern homes like ancient beloved grannies in a family photo.

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One thought on “If you ever find yourself in Munich in the Spring time

  1. Anthony says:

    If your only experience with beer before Munich was in South Africa, I can guarantee you weren’t drinking nice beer.

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