Laplandish Adventures Day Two Part Two

In Laplandish Adventures Day Part One, I showed you how we made and destroyed a quinzee. But shelter and fun are not the only needs for survival in the frozen forests. No no indeed. You need to be able to get food and find your way out otherwise you turn into some sort of christmas forest creature or you just freeze.

You could try catch a reindeer or an elk or something like that. Maybe you learn how to catch an elk in the “Theory to Surviving II” Course, but for “Theory to Surviving I” we just learnt to learnt how to ice hole fish for frozen forest sustenance.

“But why are you fishing in a forest?”

“Ah”, said the wise one “Finland is full of forests and full of lakes. Where there is a forest, there is certainly a lake with fish nearby.”

“Oh. Ok. Carry on then.”

And of course, you have to make a fire in the snow to cook ALL the fish you catch with your little toy fishing rod…

Then its time to actually get yourself out of those dang frozen forests.


With a GPS and snow shoes of course. (Again, this begs the question… if you had a GPS all along, why did you get lost and have to overnight in the frozen forest). Anyhoo. It was fun to finally get my hands on one of those things and wow, if I had one in real life, I would never get lost… EVER. They are pretty cool. The other cool thing was (were??? my English escapes me) the snow shoes. Because of their wide surface area you can go through snow quicker because they disperse your weight and therefore you don’t sink into the snow. (Look at me being all teachery… sweet.)

Then we went by bus, not snow shoe, to a museum about the only indigenous people of Europe who are still alive… the Saami people. I’m not going to go into the history etc here, but the museum was really interesting and if you ever find yourself in Northern Finland you should go to Inari and have a look at it.

Then, as if the day had not been already so wonderful to us, the night hosted a beautiful display of Northern Lights that, as always, inspired us and struck us with awe.

(thanks to Edwardo for this picture)


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