Laplandish Adventures Day Two Part One

day two was very full. i am therefore splitting the day over two posts.

Having arrived in the dark, I had no idea where I was or how the layout of the place we were staying in worked. Waking up on the first morning, going for a look outside and seeing everything in the sunlight, I still had no idea where I was but at least I could see that there was a lake in front of us and a forest behind us.

The morning was a bit of a bun fight as 16 people shared 2 toilets,  2 showers and a bar fridge. Then it was time for the “Theory to Surviving” Course.

Somewhere deep inside of me, I hoped that I would get all the answers to surviving life, love and everything else at this course, but turns out it was just about surviving a night out in the frozen forests of Finland. But anyways, it was interesting. It seems to me that in order to survive in the frozen forests of Finland, you need a lot of equipment. It’s not like Bear Grylls getting lost in the Cedarberg where he could just scrounge around for things to keep him going… No no. If you are going to survive in the frozen forests of Finland, you need a lots of equipment. Equipment that you (well, certainly I) would need to bring on a snow mobile. This then begs the question… Are you really lost? Just get on your snow mobile and go to the nearest human place and somebody will help you. No need to be making fires in the snow and finding dry wood and matches from somewhere.

walking through the frozen forest

At any rate (as my daddygran used to say), it was fun to learn these “survival” techniques. Below is the video of how to make a quinzee. If you don’t know what a quinzee is (it’s ok you’re in a safe place here, I didn’t know either), it’s like an igloo but it’s made of snow.


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