Laplandish Adventures

In Finland, the week 10 of the year is a holiday for schools and universities. Its called ski week because they are subtly trying to encourage people to go skiing. No, not really. I think it’s probably because it’s still snowy but more sunny and warmer – great for skiing.

I took advantage of this ski week and went to Lapland for 5 days. Fun times. I thought long and hard (about 3 seconds) about how I would blog about this. In the end, I settled on making some sort of a video blog. So, that’s what I have done and the next few posts will be video blogs of all the fun things we did there.

Just so you get an idea of what we did, here is an ever handy list. I’m going to put it in present tense, then you can just copy paste it for your bucket list:

walk on frozen sea

visit Santa Claus

make a quinzee

ice hole fishing

snow shoe “hiking” and using a GPS

donuts in Nuogram (Northern most point in the EU)

swim in the Arctic Ocean

cross country skiing

visiting a reindeer farm

riding in a reindeer sleigh

drive a snow mobile

drive a husky sleigh

and obv most nights there was sauna.

So, without further ado, here’s the first installment:


One thought on “Laplandish Adventures

  1. […] skating on a few sunny winter days, learning to cross-country ski badly, eating reindeer, visiting Santa, waking up at crazy o’clock to go out in crazy degrees Celsius to see Northern Lights, ice […]

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