Oulu University

I am often shocked by family and friends back home who say, “Sounds like you are having a great time over there but are you actually doing any work?”

Ha! (Mock disdain)

University work?


(well, to tell the truth) and no.

Yes. I have interesting courses that I go to and read and think and discuss and write for. These include courses about Globalization, Development, Ethics etc etc as well as drawing, painting and singing (I has some free time and the courses were for free, so I thought “Why not?”.

No. University is not the all consuming place that it is for me in South Africa. I have time for other things, like skating and skiing and other adventures.

Working at university and my netbook trying to look like an Apple.

Working at university and my netbook trying to look like an Apple.

If you want to see the official university website and read about all its fun facts, you can read about it here.

many many corridors

It’s a pretty flat campus and if you go in the one entrance and go out the furthest one, you have walked about 1km. It’s pretty logically laid out and as long as you stay on the main walkway you probably won’t get lost. That said, I tend to get lost quite often (but more about that another time). The architecture is a bit like an early nineties mall with white walls and bright coloured doors. All the university cafeterias are on the main corridor so that’s nice and means I never get lost on the way to eating, which would be a calamity and quite dangerous for passers by.

The main cafeteria

There are a few things that I enjoy here:

– service staff drive around on scooters

no tooter op hierdie scooter

– you get free 100 black and white A4 print outs a month

– the lost property is kept in a glass case so you can see if you have lost something. I suppose there is someone that you ask to come open the tiny lock so that you can get your possessions. There are watches and rings and all sorts of weird and wonderful things in here. In South Africa, I think this would last about 37.5 seconds before someone broke in and redistributed a lost property.

lost property box

– There are macs in the corridors for people to work on.

mac land of plenty

-There are people walking around with babies and the university library has a child friendly sitting area.

Children's section of the university library

-The library has a sign that says no roller blades on the front doors of the library. Sometimes I wish I lived at a time when this was a problem.

-You can check out your books by yourself in the library, just swipe your card and swipe the book.

(the library is pretty fascinating)

-You can talk loudly and answer your phone in the library and the computer labs.

-There’s a natural history museum with all sorts of strange stuffed beasts, but that requires its own blog post.

So, ja. to answer that question from friends and family, I am doing a bit of studying and a lot of fun. That’s my exchange so far and so far, so good.


2 thoughts on “Oulu University

  1. achasetiarso says:

    where did you find that lost property box? I haven’t seen it myself 😦

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