I don’t know when I started thinking that 2’C was warm…

but it was two degrees the other day and I really did think, “Flip, its warm today”. I think what probably did it for me was that week or so when it was never warmer than minus 20’C. Those kind of temperatures make you grateful for 2’C.

Spring is definitely in the air… You have to angle your face a little bit up to see the sun, birds are singing, snow is melting, skies are bluing, and it’s still a bit light at 7pm.

It’s really weird to hear birds singing. Quite a major thing for me has been the silence of nature here. Now there are birds and squirrels and well, that’s all, but anyways, its more than there was in January.

Recently I went on a walk with the class I was observing at a school here in Oulu. They had to work in pairs and take photographs with tablets provided by the school. A tablet, for those who don’t know is not technology regressing back to the Babylonian clay tablets but rather technology advancing so that a whole computer and more can fit on to a digital thing that can be carried around and has a touch screen. Anyways so the kids got to go on a Spring walk and here they are…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Doesn’t look like Spring hey? Well, it feels like Spring… that day it was raining a bit and we didn’t need our gloves when we were outside #smallmercies.

But to be honest, I will miss the snow and all the snowy fun I get to have here.


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