I thought I’d write about the food I’m eating here

I would like to preface this post by saying that although I’m in Finland, I spend most of my time with friends from all over the world. Being here is almost like being in Dubai airport (without people sleeping on the floor in the corridors… no wait… I’m sure that’s happened here too). Students from around the world come to study in Oulu and we all live together in 4 blocks of apartments (“flats” in South African) that are relatively near to each other. When you have so many people from so many places around the world in one place, interesting things are bound to happen. One of those interesting things is the variety of foods that I have managed to eat. I thought I would write about all the food I eat but that would take a long time and be boring for me to write and you to read. So, brainwave, I took photos and so here are the photos of some of the (European) meals I’ve had here:




South Africa:


The most massive Finnish pizza in the world:

And then there’s lunch in the cafeteria… lots and lots of tray food:


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