“Making Pizza like a boss”… like an Italian Pizza Boss

The other night the Italians (I count myself as part of them. They had fed and befriended me. I am their little adopted brakhond) had a party. We cooked a LOT of food. Seriously, it was a little OTT, but Italians and I love the drama so its OTT all the way.

Edwardo works in a pizzeria in Italy. He has cooked over a thousand pizzas and he was kind enough to share his recipes and methods for making pizza. Enjoy! And don’t give up if your first pizza is not perfectly round. These things take practice…

Pizza dough:

1 kg flour

700ml water

50 gr fresh yeast

20 grams salt

(and a little sugar if you want)


Well, I wasn’t there for that part so I don’t know how. There might be volcanos and wells involved, but I’m not sure. I’m sure you can google it and find out.


Tomato base:

tomato puree

olive oil

salt (to salt)


Mix it all together so that it tastes nice.


And here’s the how to video…


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