lists #3

Here is my list for the week…

Things I would never think in South Africa:

When entering any place inside when outside is -20’C… “Oh, that’s not snot. It’s just the icicles inside my nose melting.”

“The train is 5 minutes late. I wonder what’s wrong.”

When crossing the road… “and look left, right, left”.

“Ah! YAY! It’s warmed up to -10’C!”

“Bananas at R15/kg. Pretty good deal”

Its midnight and we need to go somewhere, “Ok, let’s catch the bus.”

“Let’s go out and stand on the lake/sea”

When entering a house for a bible study… “Where should I put my pants?”

“I have an hour to spare, maybe I’ll just go for a quick iceskate”

“I’m going through a pot of body butter a month”

“I’m so glad there is a heater in my shower” (not just in the shower room, IN the shower).

“Do these snow boots give me cankles?”

“What do you mean ‘data cap’?”

“Even if you speak slower and louder to me, I still won’t understand your Finnish.”

When getting dressed… “Should I wear two or three pairs of socks today?”

“Its warmer in my freezer than it is outside.”


Well done for reading that list. Here are some pretty pictures of snow that I took…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



3 thoughts on “lists #3

  1. wphancco says:

    Wow! You are almost as good as your mother. Perceptive, communicative and photographic skills superbus maximus. Shotto with the photos, great application of the thirds rule. Pool is a lowly 22 degrees this am, must be the winter chill arriving.

  2. Erin says:

    I LOVE reading your blog. I’m living vicariously through you! Our winter has been so pathetic. Reading this blog makes me yearn for my northern home, and Finland and South Africa all at the same time.

  3. beeinfinland says:

    Ah, guys you make me blush. I’m actually really enjoying this whole blogging thing so will keep them coming.

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