Forget about “Think Bike” in Finland

In South Africa, we have a campaign called “Think Bike“. The aim is to raise awareness with other road users (especially cars and trucks) that bicycles (and motorbikes) are also road users and should not be knocked over. Makes sense to me. In Finland, the bicycle is king and does not need any campaign to remind other road users of its existence.

The ("shared") road for The Bicycles and the The Pedestrian next to the road for The Car

There are many different types of bicycles. Generally, most people ride either the old-school upright bikes or mountain bikes.


The special parking places for The Bicycle


The dropped crossbar bicycle. Yes. Boys also ride these.


The Bicycle with front basket


New bicycle. Old design. That's how much they love it.


Often they have baskets on the front. I don’t know what people would carry in those things… whatever they carry better be freeze resistant because when you in -15’C already, the wind chill factor is pretty hectic.

This is my rage against the machine moment.

The Bicycle has it own lane (actually, its for The Bicycle and The Pedestrian but try telling The Bicycle that).

The Bicycle has it own parking.

The Bicycle has its own culture.

The Bicycle is owned by almost everyone.

If The Bicycle is crossing the road, The Car will stop.

If The Pedestrian is crossing the road, The Bicycle will not stop.

If The Pedestrian turns into the little pathway next to her house and forgot to look for The Bicycle, The Bicycle will swerve and swear (or giggle) and carry on, knowing it is king, leaving The Pedestrian slightly shell-shocked.

If The Pedestrian is still confused about which side of the road she must walk on because The Pedestrian is from another country far far away where she drives on the other side of the road AND goes to the outdoor beach in January, not the outdoor ice rink, then The Bicycle will shoot past The Pedestrian close enough to cause The Pedestrian to go back into the shell shock The Pedestrian just recovered from.

And that’s that. Hopefully The Bicycle won’t find out who I am and come get me. But, The Bicycle can’t read, so, I’m not scared.


One thought on “Forget about “Think Bike” in Finland

  1. The Bicycle says:

    Try rolling on the frozen snow by -20°C, you’ll get why i’m counting on you to avoid me..

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