Lists #2

Things I still have not got used to in Finland:

5. The great discounts you get as a student (university is already free, how many more discounts do you need?!?!)

4. That traffic drives on the right hand side of the road.

3. That there is falling snow… every single day.

2. That you can leave you bag and jacket on a chair, unattended, go get your lunch, come back and your stuff is still there – untouched.

1. Being so far from my nearests and dearests.

My journey

Fashions that never used to make sense, but do now:

5. Accent glasses: When the only part of you sticking out is your face, you want whatever is there to make you stand out from the 2 million other people who also have black coats on.

4: Knee high boots (actually knee-high anything!): knee-high is so much warmer than ankle high.

3: Snoods: taking off and putting on a coat and gloves and hat and scarf every time you go inside or outside becomes tiresome. Now you only need to take off your coat and gloves and snood.

2: Skinny Jeans: They are less draughty than normal jeans, they fit inside your boot without scrunching up and they contrast very nicely with the puffy jacket you are wearing.

1: Colour blocking: in a land of darkness and where most of the options are black or white,  the concept of colour blocking is mind-blowing. Suddenly, all these bright colours are rushing towards you in a geometric rainbow of dizzying delight. It makes you happy to see and happier to wear.

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