“So, what do you eat in Finland”

This is probably the most asked question by caring friends and family. They probably ask because

1) they know how much I think about food

2) they are curious.

So, here goes… the first of many posts about food

Disclaimer: What I eat in Finland, may not be what Finnish people eat in Finland. This is because I don’t spend much time with Finnish people yet so I don’t know what they eat. But whatever I eat, I feel like it has a bit of Finnish feel to it.

In the week I eat my main meal at lunch time at the university cafeteria. This works out pretty shweet because we get a student discount and only have to pay 2.50 euro. As I have never really eaten in canteens or in Finnish canteens, every time feels like a bit of an adventure. For 2.50 euro you get:

– as much salad as you can stuff on to your salad side plate

The Salad Bar and the salad of the day was cabbage, pineapple, red pepper and nut, with lettuce and cucumber on the side.

– as much of the main meal as you like (plus a starch if the meal needs one)

Mains: Sausage and Potato or Tuna Casserole

– a juice (or homemade beer???)

The Liquid Options: Juice or homemade beer

– two slices of a variety of rye breads and a spread

And then you sit at a table, eat your food, chat to people and the pack away your cutlery and crockery in the cleaning section of the kitchen. The cleaning process is HIGHLY organised with everything going in its particular place. I don’t have a photo of it because every time I go, I’m concentrating very hard on getting it all right.

In the evening, I have a sandwich with two of my favorite things… rye bread and french cheese.

yes please

Ok. I don’t eat brie every night, but maybe every other night.

All you can eat chocolates

Yes, you read right… ALL YOU CAN EAT CHOCOLATES. At the bar around the corner from where we stay is a bar and the bar snacks are Italian chocolates #youknowyouareinthefirstworldwhen…


2 thoughts on ““So, what do you eat in Finland”

  1. fi says:

    OMG! ALL YOU CAN EAT CHOCOLATES! I would be in absolute heaven. And get very fat. I think you should bring me back a supply. Thank you. And I think you should try the homemade beer too! miss you xxx

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