and I’ve arrived…

 Arrived exhausted after thirty-six hours of traveling in Oulu.

Freezing in the Oulu bus stop

 I only had seven euros in my pretty purse and hoped that would be enough to get me the bus trip from the Oulu airport to the mysterious Yliopistokatu street. It did and I managed to chat to some guys who were also new on the exchange program and going on the same bus as me. I relaxed knowing that they would know where to stop or at least that we would all get lost together.

I arrived at 17:30pm in Oulu and it was already completely dark. People were doing their normal 18:00 outdoor activities… going for a run with a friend, walking the dog, popping into the shop to get something for supper. It seemed a bit weird because it was all so “normal” but it was in the dark. The dogs have reflective collars and the people reflective jackets and too many clothes that can be comfortable to walk in.

My “kummi” or rentafriend, Laura, was there to meet me at the bus stop which turned out to be only a short lug of a heavy bag (chivalry is dead in Finland – more about this in a later blog) from my apartment building. I can’t remember what we talked about. I was a bit delirious from the thirty-six hours of traveling and a serious lack of sleep.

Each floor has four flats and each flat has two bedrooms joined by a corridor. At the end of the corridor is a bathroom with a shower (so, maybe it’s called a shower room???)

the shower room

 and in the middle of the corridor, on the one side is a little kitchenette with a cute oven, sizable fridge and sink (but no microwave). On the opposite side of the corridor to the bathroom is an open closet for hanging coats and putting out wet boots to dry. That cupboard excites me the most… never had one of those before.

kitchen corridor

And that’s all there is. Its sweet and comfy and I’m excited to stay here. My room looks on to a rather weirdly lit up children’s playground covered in snow. 

The view from my room at 6pm

They said we should bring bedding or aim to buy some. I also needed snow shoes and decided to buy those items when I got to Finland because I don’t travel light generally and specifically not to Finland – oh land of ice and snow. As I came into my room, I saw that the previous owners had left (clean and dried thank you very much) two sets of bedsheets, duvets, pillows etc and a pair of snow boots (yes, my size). Yay yay woop woop!

my room


my new FREE sexy snow boots

 Did I mention I had a thirty-six hour journey? Well, I did and I feel like I need to have a thirty-six hour nap now!

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3 thoughts on “and I’ve arrived…

  1. fi says:

    Well done on the blogging! How does it feel?! And those snow boots are THE SEXIEST. Much better than the ones you left with us. Sounds like fun… enjoy, my friend x

  2. Nikky Dowding says:

    Those are some sexy snow boots to match your sexy snow outfit Bron! Glad you’re there safely and nice to picture where you’ll be for the next 6 months 🙂

  3. Gail Cook says:

    Wow, God really does provide hey? My advice to you is to start eating lots of carrots to improve your night vision. Looking forward to next installment! Lots of love. x

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